Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching
Relationship Therapy

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

Intimacy coaching offers you the opportunity to experience an entirely new way of relating.
This is perfect for individuals, couples, family members, friends, or work colleagues who would like to achieve deeper connection and understanding.

Transform The Way You Relate

As we move through life, each of us picks up and carries stories along the way. Stories about who we are, our worthiness, how the outside world receives us, and much, much more.

We carry these stories into our interactions and relationships, and there they sit between us, interacting with eachother, creating challenging new stories, and standing in the way of our achieving the experience of deep understanding and connection.

In the course of a session, I will hold the space for you to bring your full presence and consciousness. To engage with a full heart, to see with new eyes, to listen with new ears, and to speak with a new voice.

We will identify and honour the stories, and become richly acquainted oneanother’s unique culture, language, and experience of the world. In doing so, these things become no longer obstacles but the bridges that take you deeper in understanding and connection.

Whatever your circumstances and whatever the nature of your relationship, intimacy coaching will help you discover an entirely new way of relating to yourself and to eachother.

The types of relational circumstances that might benefit from intimacy coaching include:

Deepening a strong connection

Enjoy deeper connection and greater harmony in your relationship, as well as growth as individuals.

Preparing for marriage

Set the foundations for a healthy lifelong partnership of intimacy, interdepenence, and growth.

Healing after an affair

An affair necessarily marks the end of a relationship. Will your next relationship be together?

Finding closure after a divorce

Bring consciousness to your de-coupling and go separate ways empowered by compassion.

Navigating parenthood

Gain support in tending to your intimate connection. It will never be more important - nor feel more difficult.

Improving connection with family, friends, or colleagues

Open and clear that which causes pain or comes in the way of understanding and connection.

What To Expect?

Joe tailors each intimacy coaching session for the couple or individual involved. He draws on a number of different approaches in order to support self awareness, communication, empathy, and deep mutual understanding. By taking this journey, you may discover:

a The special spark or connection in your relationship.

a Practical tools for dissolving conflict.

a How to REALLY be there for your partner.

a New depth and passion in your connection.

a How to create bridges with someone with whom connection has been lost or broken.

What Do Clients Say?

C. (wishing to remain anonymous) Artist

Joe offers an astoundingly safe, honest and nurturing space through his coaching sessions. His integrity, intelligence and care has truly enabled me to develop a compassionate understanding about the relationship I hold with myself and those around me. Joe's gentle and subtle approach to experiencing life and all that it brings has enabled me to equip myself with much more appropriate, healthy and necessarily nurturing inner resources. In every moment I continue to clear so many mental, physical and spiritual blockages that I never thought would be attainable.

Take the Next Step...

To learn more, have questions answered, or schedule a complimentary consultation with Joe to discuss how Intimacy Coaching may support you in your circumstances, contact Joe by email at info@reshapelife.co.uk