Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Gong Bath FAQs

My intention is to focus gently but powerfully on the benefits of the deep meditative stage. Other instruments such as bowls, handpan drums, rattles, whistles and so on all offer very beautiful aural experiences but equally each sound is a fluctuation or disturbance – in yoga this would be a state of Vritti. We are looking for focus -the state of Samadhi, or oneness with the object of meditation. Stillness, singularity, and total relaxation. So to bring the experience away from the ears and the mind, and deep into our body and spirit. Additionally, unlike these other tools, gongs uniquely offer extremely low frequencies, which work deeply.

Absolutely not. The term Gong Bath is a slight misnomer. Gong baths can take place in water absolutely – but the vast majority do not. The term has come to refer to the idea of bathing in the sound of the gong. So by all means feel free to don your swimwear but unless you have specifically scheduled a session in water, our “Gong Baths” will be in the warm and dry, under blankets. So we suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Whatever you need to feel comfortable. I suggest:

  • Something soft to lie on – a mat or sheep skin for example
  • A pillow
  • A blanket
  • A bottle of water
  • An eye mask if you like
  • An optional cushion for under your feet
  • A journal if you wish.
We will be creating a very sacred space together. So I invite you to come in to the space with your presence, an open heart, and an open mind. That said, whatever you come with will be welcomed with warm, care, and understanding. All that will be required of you is to create a comfortable space in which to lie down.
It’s best not to arrive with a fixed idea of how you might experience your gong bath. It’s a deeply personal experience, best received by totally submitting to the presence with the experience.
I will have to ask you to trust me with the process – you are in safe hands. It will be an evening of warmth, connection, and nourishment. If you have any concerns please get in touch.
Every body. Female, male, non-binary, any age. Because the way I play would be different for children, I ask anyone under the age of 16 (or looking to bring someone under the age of 16) to get in touch first. If you have any questions about suitability for you for any reason at all, please get in touch.
If you have a particular health condition that may be relevant or that you feel may be contraindicated, please discuss it with me by phone or email before booking.
Please get in touch before booking. Gong baths can be deeply soothing and nourishing but I need some more information to determine the most suitable way for you to receive the gong bath. It may not be as part of an open group.

If you have special sensory needs or if you feel that it’s likely something difficult may arise for you (for example, if you have a history of trauma), it may be advisable to work one-on-one for a few sessions before joining group gong meditations. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Intimacy Coaching FAQs

The first step is to simply get in touch with me via email or telephone. From there, we will arrange an initial conversation. This will give you the opportunity to find out more about me and how I work, and to share with me more about your circumstances, hopes, and dreams. This will help determine the path we take together.

Sessions will be structured in accordance with your circumstances.

For individuals and personal relationships, our work together may follow the format of a weekly session, or we may find that a more intensive approach – for example a 5 hour private workshop – will be more effective in creating breakthroughs and embedding new ways of relating.

If you are enquiring on behalf of an organisation, again we will devise a bespoke approach that best supports the needs of the organisation and the people within.

This is not unusual and cannot be ignored. While the Intimacy Coaching process with a couple does require the commitment of all involved, we can also commence or proceed as an individual. So if this is the case, please reach out.

No – not by any stretch. Every type of relationship can benefit from greater self awareness, mutual understanding, empathy, and communication. Intimacy Coaching is of benefit to people in all types of relationship: romantic, familial, friendship, professional, and also self (attending as an individual).

Absolutely. As with all of the services I offer, you can feel perfectly assured of confidentiality. Nothing that you share will be disclosed or discussed away from our sessions unless I have reason to believe that you or anyone else is in real or imminent danger. I work in accordance with the codes of ethics of the BACP.

Personal Training FAQs

I can conduct personal training from a private space in Petersfield, online, or in your home (surcharge will apply).

You’ll need some water, and if you like a towel to lay on your yoga mat. You are welcome to use one of my yoga mats, but I would advise buying one to use between sessions.
Wear loose fitting or flexible clothing, so that you can move freely. I recommend you remove your shoes in order to train in your socks.
Yes. No matter who you are. Any gender, any age, any ambition or intention. I have training and rich experience in many different modes of movement and training, so can draw on the approaches that will be most worthwhile for you. One-on-one personal training is such an incredibly worthwhile investment. The routines I create for you will be specifically tailored to your needs and goals, and working one-on-one gives us an opportunity to explore other factors which will support your progress. People also benefit from the commitment and accountability of this type of working relationship. You will feel better physically and psychologically from working with me.
Not at all. Every body is different – this is one of the things I love about what I do. I have trained competitive athletes, given physical therapy to bedridden individuals, and everything in between. The benefits of the approaches that I use are for every body. We start from where you are now, and you will feel the difference.
Absolutely not. There will be no raised voices, grunting, gasping, blowing of whistles, or monotonous counting of repetitions. Safety and sustainability are of primary importance, so while our sessions will be challenging, you will not be required to do anything that you are not prepared for. And you will probably be surprised by the way in which they are challenging. We will work together, from where you are now, preparing you and making progress.
Please get in touch to discuss this with me. You can rest assured that safety is an absolute priority for me. And with the movements and routines I use designed around building functional capability, it’s excellent for rehabilitation.
Congratulations! Please let me know before we start work together. Receiving high quality personal training through pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial; but our sessions will need to be designed around that.
Give me a call. I’d like to hear what’s going on for you and help you find the way – even if for whatever reason it is not through personal training sessions with me.
If you have any questions, call me or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you, and to find out more about what you are aiming to achieve. If you?d like to proceed with personal training sessions, we will get you booked in for a consultation. This is an essential first step, in which we will sit together and build a full and clear picture of your experience of your health past, present… and where you would like it to be in the future. This will form the basis of our work going forwards. In this first session, I will also give you a couple of movements to practice.

Got any other questions? Reach out here!