Meet Joe

Meet Joe
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“My aim is to help you enjoy a richer, more wonderful human experience. I believe that true wellness support is about long-term, sustainable changes that create balance and support your natural capacity to thrive. Our task is to remove the obstacles.

I believe that most of us have the capacity for a far greater experience than we realise. One of my goals is to provide effective, practical support so that anyone interested can keep moving forwards on this path.

People who come to me have decided with courage and vulnerability that they want to take that path, and I feel honoured by that. So it’s my intention to provide the same care and service that I would wish a loved one to receive.”

– Joe Summerfield, ReShape Life

Meet Joe Summerfield

Joe has dedicated his personal and professional life to wellness for over 20 years. He began fitness training around 1997 and soon developed a special interest in the interaction between physical and psychological health, going on to attain a BSc Degree from the University of Southampton in 2004 before starting in private practice.

Committed to continual exploration of the subject of wellness in the human experience, Joe has gained many other qualifications including encounter-centered couples therapy, relationship psychology, Gestalt therapy, a level 7 diploma in coaching and mentoring, advanced nutrition, and instructor qualifications in personal training, Pilates, vinyasa yoga, and functional movement. He has worked in one of the UK’s top naturopathic clinics, contributing written work to publications for both the public and natural health professionals.


Joe is now living in the Hampshire countryside with his family. Music is his other vocation, performing professionally from 1996 with periods touring internationally and recording as a guitarist. His work with sound therapy is the coming together of these two vocations. He has another project, Brotherhood, which is concerned with supporting young men on their journey with masculinity.

ReShape Life - Joe Summerfield

“What I offer is the culmination of a life long journey of active learning. I love my work and I am entirely committed to continually developing my understandings and practices, to get the best results for my clients, for my family, and for myself.”

– Joe Summerfield

What Do Clients Say?

Claire Specialist Educator

As for the gong bath, these are a particular favourite of mine, however I have found that it depends on the sound frequency of the gongs and how they are used. Your gongs however and how they were used, for me, especially resonated which was a joy and a delight. I was completely lost in the experience and was floating above the clouds, much like certain birds do when they find a thermal!

Catherine Business Coach

My intention of working with Joe was to improve my core strength. I wanted to feel better in my body. With the caring encouragement, knowledge and support of Joe, I?ve absolutely achieved this objective. Throw away any preconceived ideas you have about personal trainers being loud, bullying and mean! Joe breaks the mould. He balances rigour, science and deep knowledge about the body with a soft touch that has you work hard almost without knowing it.

David Grandfather

I have only been working with Jo for a few weeks now but already I feel fitter and stronger. I have lost weight and my core is stronger enabling to maintain my balance while walking in wet and muddy conditions. Previously when I slipped I would finish up in the mud but now I am able to keep my balance.I am over 70 now but feel fitter than I was 5 years ago with fewer injuries, such as pulled muscles.

Heidrun Matriarch

Thank you for your wonderful event last Wednesday. The sound of the gongs was totally astounding and transported me to a different level of consciousness.

Sarah A Mother

This class is fantastic. A very new yet extremely effective way to get toned, stretch, breath and de-stress. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. Joe is a fantastic teacher! After this class I felt toned but also my soul felt lighter and clearer!

Ruth Consultant

My three month period with you has transformed my life in a number of ways, both mentally and physically. My understanding of nutrition and my eating habits are much better - I can tell by reading my old food diary. And I feed me and my husband your recipes regularly! I have also kept lifestyle changes up, have a strict rule about keeping devices downstairs for example. I've taken it a step further this year and removed Facebook from my phone. All helping with stress and concentration and I am sleeping better. I wish I could pick our sessions up again, I loved them. Thank you. You have made a lasting difference and it was at a time I really needed it!

Richard Management Consultant

Joe has been working with me for 6 months now. His guidance and coaching have made a huge difference to me. I had a lot of arthritic pain in my hips and was generally just plain stiff! I feel so much better now. No pain killers and I can move around so much more freely. Joe's patient but firm style is exactly right even though I still have to put in the work! Thank you so much Joe.

Dianne Therapist

Thank you for all of your support and kindness Joe. It's been eye opening to say the least. I really feel that I have finally broken the cycle of dieting and weight gain, and I am feeling much more comfortable and capable in my body.

Peter Skiing Enthusiast


We attended Joe's classes, and found them excellent. The exercises supported us with our various aches and pains. Joe is a fantastic coach and very knowledgeable. We recommend him. Thank you Joe.

Carole Yogi and Author

We attended one of Joe's workshops in a beautiful garden. It was outstanding...the gong bath was magical. I would thoroughly recommend.

Justin Charity Worker

I have suffered with back, neck and shoulder problems for some time and following advice from my osteopath and physio I looked at trying a more gentle form of exercise to strengthen and stretch the problem areas (I had been using a gym which exasperated the issues). Joe's classes have taught me that small movements and stretches can be more beneficial and have certainly eased my aches and pains. That said, I definitely feel as though I have worked out during the sessions! I have also felt confident enough to continue with some stretches at home during the summer break. Joe is a great teacher with a calm and positive manner. He finds out what areas need to be worked on and comes up with a range of exercises that give a deep and effective workout. He never pushes you too far but aims to encourage you to achieve your very best.

Jo JoJo Inspired

Equilibrium for me is the most amazing class, it?s a toning and strengthening workout using the combined elements of Yoga and pilates. No need for dumbbells and gym equipment we do everything using our body to tone and sculpt. I like to have a challenging work out but I don?t want to put stress on my back and knees and this is what this class does. I love it!

Juliet Educator

I am a 58 year old university lecturer and I am amazed to think that it has been over 2 years since I started working with Joe at Reshape fitness. I think the length of time I have stayed with Joe's exercise class is, in itself, a testament to their effectiveness. In the past I was rather fickle and took classes for a few months before trailing off and then spending time thinking I really should be doing something, before once again finding a new exercise style, a new class and a new teacher. So why have I stayed with Joe's classes? Joe is unfailing supportive and positive during class, creating a very safe and calm environment for all those taking part no matter what their level of fitness is. His experience of running classes means he can effortlessly cater to all the different needs of his students in one space. The classes run smoothly from one exercise to the next and Joe's deep knowledge of anatomy and exercise means he is able to explain the reasons behind the choice of exercise and what you should be paying attention to while doing the exercises. The exercises are a blend of pilates, yoga and calisthenics and so do not rely on the intense aerobic activity of traditional exercise classes. However, the exercises are very focused and work the muscles just as intensely as traditional aerobic classes, just without the wear and tear on the joints. I am a very keen gardener and do a lot of lugging compost bags and digging, but since working with Joe, I do not have a sore back at the end of a day on the allotment. I have also ceased to have a problem with my knees. So, I do feel that all the work I have done with Joe over the last 2 years has really made a difference to the quality of my life.

Gill Mother and Teacher

I have attended an online gong meditation session. I have to be honest, I was super sceptical. I practise meditation and I wondered why gongs would be useful and how on earth they would work over zoom. Wow! It was wonderful. I loved the skilfully created sound of the gongs and Joe's gentle guidance. It's unique, calming and totally blissful.

Carly Nurse

The gong session was spectacular, I melted, I was more energy than form and that in itself was a beautiful release. It was a very special experience and I look forward to hopefully being able to make the next one. I thoroughly enjoyed your energy and you compassionate flexible and gentle guidance of the group, you have a true gift.

C. (wishing to remain anonymous) Artist

Joe offers an astoundingly safe, honest and nurturing space through his coaching sessions. His integrity, intelligence and care has truly enabled me to develop a compassionate understanding about the relationship I hold with myself and those around me. Joe's gentle and subtle approach to experiencing life and all that it brings has enabled me to equip myself with much more appropriate, healthy and necessarily nurturing inner resources. In every moment I continue to clear so many mental, physical and spiritual blockages that I never thought would be attainable.

S.T. Company Director

Joe has been extremely helpful to me in turning my life around and I feel much better for it. He is a wealth of knowledge and extremely understanding and encouraging. I would recommend him to all!

David Horticulturalist

I have no doubt that were it not for Joe and our sessions together, I would not be getting around in the way that I am. I suffered from back pain for years and had found that my strength and balance were deteriorating. My back is now better than it's been for many years and I feel confident going about town and spending time in the garden.

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