ReShape Fitness

Feel strong, empowered, relaxed, and energised
ReShape Fitness

I offer a unique approach to personal training that combines elements of Pilates,
vinyasa yoga, and body-weight movements to help you develop a strong, healthy, capable body.

  • Feel strong, empowered, relaxed, and energised
  • Tone up and improve stability, flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • End yo-yo weight fluctuations and dieting
  • Restore proper mechanical function: safe and perfect for injuries and rehab
  • Enjoy all-around better health and wellbeing

As a qualified and experienced personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, and nutritionist, my aim is to provide you with everything you need to stay healthy.

Female or male of any age, with any background of health – I can help you achieve your fitness goals, protect your health, and boost your wellbeing.

Personal training and classes available in Petersfield and surrounding areas.

A Holistic Approach to


Looking to achieve a life-changing transformation?
Tired of embarking on health, fitness, and diet programmes only to find yourself back where you started?
Want to improve your energy levels, mood, and outlook?
Seeking to overcome health challenges and safeguard your health?
If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then I can help you.

By taking a holistic approach to your health and fitness programme, together we can create meaningful change that lasts. As well as providing one-to-one coaching, I aim to provide you with the information and the tools that you will need to STAY healthy.

Who can Benefit?

ReShape Fitness
The short answer is - everybody. I've trained:
  • Women and men aged 8 to 96
  • Individuals looking to lose weight, “tone up”, and gain strength
  • Those working towards a fitness goal, from backpacking to keeping up with kids
  • People suffering from pain and/or injuries or in need of improving joint function
  • Individuals looking to develop or safeguard their physical capability as they age
  • Bodybuilders and competitive athletes
  • People with neurological conditions who want to develop or maintain physical connection

This holistic approach to physical training is suitable and effective for everybody.

About Me

My aim is to help you feel better than you knew you could, and to teach you how to stay that way
ReShape Fitness


Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Gong Practitioner

I believe that true healthcare is about long-term, sustainable changes that that create balance and work with the body to support its natural ability to be and stay well.

I believe that most of us have the capacity for far greater health than we experience or even expect. One of my goals is to provide practical information on how anyone interested can take control of their health and feel great.

People who come to me have decided that they want to take care of their health, and I feel honoured by that. So it’s my intention to provide the same service that I would like a loved one to receive.

What Do Clients Say?


A gong bath, or gong meditation, is a totally immersive mind and body experience.

A masterfully crafted gong can be an incredibly powerful tool. The gong is a uniquely resonant instrument, and when played adeptly they produce long rolling waves of vibrations with layer upon layer of rich harmonic overtones. The sound isn’t only received by your ears, but the frequencies resonate through your whole being. In this way, the music of the gong induces meditation while facilitating balancing and healing on a mental, emotional, physical, and energetic level.

ReShape Fitness
As a former professional musician, and practicing music educator, I have a great appreciation for – and experience with – sound. Music is the organisation of vibrations. It is my belief that music is the innate language of the universe. It is our experience of life way before any other sense develops. Music facilitates communication on the deepest possible level. It’s my great honour to be able to offer these beautiful, healing vibrations to you.




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